Brown Says He'll Sign California Bill Regulating Fracking

California Governor Jerry Brown said he'll approve regulations for hydraulic fracturing criticized by environmental groups as the state prepares for development of the largest shale-oil reserves in the U.S.



Study finds limited greenhouse gas emissions from fracking

A new study has concluded that the controversial natural gas development method known as fracking releases "significantly lower" emissions of the greenhouse gas methane thanks to pollution control equipment.



API's Greco discusses Congress' latest moves to reform renewable fuels policy

As the Office of Management and Budget reviews U.S. EPA's proposal for 2014 renewable fuel volumes, Congress continues to debate a legislative fix to the policy.



Steelmaker picks Buffalo for new $102M plant

A steelmaking company based in Dubai has chosen Buffalo for development of a new $102 million plant that will employ an estimated 172 workers.



Fracking and the Poor

The natural gas boom may be America's best antipoverty program.



Study: U.S. Oil And Gas Revolution To Increase Income, Boost Trade

The economic and employment contributions from U.S. unconventional oil and gas production are now being felt throughout the U.S. economy, increasing household incomes, boosting trade and contributing to a new increase in U.S. competitiveness in the world economy, a new study by IHS finds.



A tutor for Cuomo

Take it from the man who knows, U.S. Secretary of Energy Ernest Moniz: Fracking for natural gas is climate-friendly, environmentally safe and economically stimulating. Which is just what America and New York need.



Court of Appeals review of hydraulic fracturing bans could open economic opportunity in New York

New York State Petroleum Council Executive Director Karen Moreau welcomed the decision by New York's Court of Appeals to hear from local landowners and the oil and natural gas industry on hydraulic fracturing bans in Middlefield and Dryden that stand in the way of needed economic investment.



Energy secretary: Emission cuts to be 'practical'

The U.S. must balance its commitment to reducing carbon emissions with the "ground truth" that the world's largest economy still relies heavily on fossil fuels, Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz said on Monday.



Statement from Karen Moreau on President Barack Obama's Upstate New York Visit

New York State Petroleum Council Executive Director Karen Moreau issued the following statement today in response to President Barack Obama's Upstate New York tour.