What is Frac Sand?

This special sand is one of the keys to producing oil and natural gas from tight shale formations.



Support for Keystone XL pipeline is almost universal

Even Democrats who prefer to develop alternate energy sources before expanding the use of fossil fuels say they want the Keystone XL pipeline built.



Another Voice: New York should regulate, not prohibit, development

In 1973 New York and the entire country suffered through an OPEC oil embargo. Gasoline became scarce, oil and natural gas prices shot up and everyone became aware of what it meant to be dependent on Middle East oil.



Study: New oil and gas production generates big savings for schools, states

This study conducted by HIS Global Inc. shows school districts have saved over $1 billion dollars on energy last year due to hydraulic fracturing in the United States. Further, the study shows state and local taxpayers saved another $720 million on other government spending for the same period."



New Technology For Cleaning Frac Water Gets Positive Marks in Water Quality Test

"Our patented technologies greatly improve the methodology of removing contaminants from oil field wastewater, and compared with current methods, it is more cost effective, and can be done onsite," said Jeff Soward, President of ARANA Water Technologies.



Study: Crude exports yield big economic benefits for New York

A new state-by-state analysis shows that New York could add up to 15,350 jobs and $1.95 billion to the state economy in 2020 if federal restrictions on U.S. crude exports were lifted, said Executive Director of the New York State Petroleum Council (NYSPC) Karen Moreau.



Marcellus Shale Education Needed Now More Than Ever

The debate over Marcellus Shale development has taken far too long already but one thing is clear - Marcellus Shale education is needed now more than ever.



White House: We back fracking, U.S. energy boom

Republican critics and some in the energy industry have often cast President Obama as hostile to fossil fuels, but the White House on Monday issued a strong endorsement of the domestic oil and gas boom and the controversial drilling technique that has made it possible.



Most Democrats "have supported fracking," Schumer says

Sen. Charles Schumer on Monday said most Democrats across the country are in favor of hydraulic fracturing for natural gas, but he was careful to defer to Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s decision-making process in New York.



Pennsylvania farmer: New York has 'nothing to fear' about fracking (Video)

Pennsylvania dairy farmer Jim Van Blarcom, has had natural gas wells on his land since 2008. "We've had no water problems," the 63-year-old said. "I did enough homework and talked to enough people. I have six grand kids, have a lot of cows and a lot of pigs and I need good water the same as anyone."