Gasland II's Luddite Slander Of 'Fracking' Is The Latest Technophobe Attack On Progress

And now they're opposing today's most exciting technological breakthrough, shale energy technology - aka "fracking." Their spokesman is Josh Fox. And July 8th, to worldwide fanfare, HBO broadcast his latest manifesto, Gasland, Part II.



Upstate's path to recovery

It seems that New Yorkers would rather listen to Natalie Merchant sing of happiness and sign feel-good petitions created by Yoko Ono than deliver real jobs to the more than 700,000 people out of work in their state.



NY History of Naturally Occurring Natural Gas - Burning Springs in Bristol, New York

Water that burns. It has a natural history in New York that goes back to 1669.



Letter: Fracking helps provide necessary employment

What anti-frackers must be forgetting are the lives at stake due to problems caused by not using hydraulic fracturing to drill for natural gas.



McMahon: New York State is a terrible place to start a business

When a government watchdog as knowledgeable as Steven Greenhut, a Bloomberg View contributor, writes that California deserves to knock New York out of last place in rankings of state business climates, it's tempting to agree. If only he had a stronger case.



Guest Viewpoint: N.Y. deserves a fracking chance

More than 800,000 New Yorkers are currently unemployed. Since 2001, at least 1.6 million people have left the state. That's the highest number of any state in the country.



Letter: Natural gas gets a bad reputation

With all due respect to the owners of All Good Bakers in Albany ("Food for thought on hydrofracking," April 11), natural gas is far from an unsustainable or short-term energy source.



Guest Viewpoint: N.Y. can't afford to pass on natural gas

Opponents of modern natural gas development usually ignore one of its most important benefits - plentiful and inexpensive energy.



Cookin' with gas

Cuomo's dithering on fracking is stalling a game-changer for New York's economy



Natural gas boom New York losing out as other states benefit

A report on natural gas exploration in Texas predicts a decades-long boom in U.S. production. "The most exhaustive study to date of a key natural gas field in Texas, combined with related research under way elsewhere, shows that U.S. shale-rock formations will provide a growing source of moderately priced natural gas through 2040," the Wall Street Journal reported.