Short film gives viewers a tour of Pennsylvania's most drilled county

October 6, 2014

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Bradford County Commissioner Doug McLinko shows viewers the reality of hosting hydraulic fracturing operations.

Albany, NY - The Empire Energy Forum, a grassroots education and advocacy organization, released a short film today that shows first-hand the impact the natural gas industry has had on a Pennsylvania county adjacent to New York’s southern border. The six-minute film is a guided tour hosted by Bradford County Commissioner, Doug McLinko. McLinko, now in his third term in office, volunteered to take viewers all through Bradford County showing drill sites, pipelines, highways and local businesses that have been impacted in some way by the natural gas industry and the drilling process known as hydraulic fracturing or fracking.  

The purpose of the tour was to give New York residents a real, unvarnished look at a community that has hosted energy industry companies and their employees for several years.  Commissioner McLinko was not provided a script and was asked only to take the filmmakers around the mostly rural Bradford County. 

“When I give these pick-up truck tours I don’t have one set route, and pre-canned locations that are set up just for show,” McLinko said. “I ask everyone--what do you want to see and what do you want to learn--then I take them around to see for themselves. I urge everyone not to believe everything you hear and read. I also invite everyone to come to the beautiful Bradford County, the most drilled County in PA, to see for yourselves what natural gas exploration REALLY looks like,” concluded McLinko.

McLinko said that opponents of fracking have done a good job of confusing and scaring the general public.  “Facts” he said, “are often hidden by the opposition because it doesn’t fit their narrative that all energy resource recovery is bad for communities and the people that live there. In my experience,” he said, “nothing could be further from the truth.”

McLinko recalled his distaste of the methods and misinformation being spread by the opponents of natural gas development when things were just getting started a few years ago. “Early on in Bradford County our saying was: the most information is misinformation, because that’s what it was, whatever you heard, you just couldn’t believe because it wasn’t true. Tapping our tremendous natural gas resources has been a blessing to our County and its residents,” he said.

“We in Bradford County are very proud of the fact that we are not only contributing to our own economy through jobs, tax revenue and other ancillary benefits, but also to our nation’s economy and national security. The gas we are pulling from the ground right here in Bradford will mean less soldiers have to be sent overseas to protect our Country’s oil interests. There is nothing I am more proud of than that,” concluded McLinko.

Bradford County sits at the heart of the Marcellus Shale natural gas deposit. It is among the most heavily drilled counties not only in Pennsylvania but across the nation as well.  Revenues from drilling have brightened the fiscal prospects for Bradford County to a point where County Commissioners were able to retire the remaining debt held by county government and are cutting taxes for all county residents. 

The film will be posted on the Empire Energy Forum website as well as on YouTube.  It also will be made available on the Forum’s sister websites in dozens of states across the country.
The Empire Energy Forum is an education and advocacy organization that seeks to inform New Yorkers on energy issues and their impact on New York’s economy and workforce.

You can also view the video on our website.

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